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BLOgUEST 101: Fleeting Moments

It is 4:30 in the afternoon, besides tiny squeaky chirps from sparrows emanating coming from behind my back and our house rear windows. I heard a large booming “Vhong” sounding out from a decade old, an ancient grandfather clock- coming from the family room. Reminding me of my itinerary for the entire afternoon.

“Aba, hapon na pala!” I said to myself, It is just too hot to lie down in a cozy hammock in the garden.The once bright green grass and colorful flora and fauna have turned now -to dry brown burned crispy plants.Likewise, it was seemingly uncomfortable to rest and take a nap on a velvet three seated sofa.The heat wave seems like it was cooking my ass. I was sitting on the sofa at the upper floor seemingly like hovering above a catwalk, overlooking the living room and glossy frosted windows.

There were different fowls emitting sounds around the vicinity such as tarats, yellow-vented bulbul, hens, roosters, and sparrows. Occasionally I see other species of birds darting from one fruit tree to another. Frolicking along our garden in a pleasant sunny Sunday afternoon. There were no signs of wind blowing against the plants.

A resident female caregiver switched on an air-cooler. Half-an-hour ago, my eighty-eight-year-old mother was crying out in discomfort and agitated because of the torrid summer heat we were experiencing. Agnes, the caregiver, poured ice and tap water at the back compartment of the air-cooler. After a few minutes, my mom finally slowly keeps quiet and falls asleep.

“Parang Kulang” I thought? I picked up my daughters guitar, we named it “Santa Ana”, I proceeded to pluck and play some old chords of Buddy Holly randomly choosing “Peggy-Sue”,”Oh-Boy”, and “Words of Love” revived by the Beatles in the early Sixties decade. I usually play and pluck a few chords while thinking.

Occasionally, I hear small to medium sized raw Indian mangoes dropping and falling down our roof and terrace I was hoping the sound won’t wake up my mom. “Nice, I thought !” This is the best time to work on my itinerary for the week. Right now just in front of me is a planner to jot down my thoughts and activities in journal bullet form. A Deborah M. Coty mini-planner “Too Blessed to be Stressed” 2017. The planner gave to me by my sister. An old compact Webster dictionary, my Amazon Kindle Keyboard and finally, a book titled “Nick – A Portrait of the Artist Nick Joaquin.”

I promised myself to read the book “Nick Joaquin”. I find him rather an uncanny gifted Filipino Writer. While jotting down my thoughts, I heard a familiar faint cry and howl coming from the outside. Kisses, my son’s chocolate brown furry Aleutian Husky was crying out in discomfort. I learned later Kisses was beckoning me about our regular afternoon stroll.

Okay, here we go. Game!!!” I thought… It is time to work…

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