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13 Reasons Why We Are Single

Noong nakaraang dalawang Linggo ay nagkaroon ako ng survey sa aking mga co-bloggers: 13 Reasons Why (You are Single). Hindi na ako magpapaliguy-ligoy pa. Ito na ang kanilang mga sagot:

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Siguro kasi di pa talaga time (cliché pero ganoon e). Wala pa kahit kailan na nag-attempt na manligaw o “magparamdam” pero I am happily single. Also, recently lang talaga ako napapa-isip ng tungkol sa relationships so baka soon di na ako single. 😀

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I am single because I have not yet met the one person who falls in love with my soul and will actually tell about it to me, and vice versa. I am also single because I am taking all the time to be the best person for myself and others and to complement my future partner in life, if there is one. I am single because it is the season God has gifted me now and every season has its reason. 🙂

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Kailangan kong rumaket para yumaman! No money, no honey.

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I’m still in the process of knowing love. waht! haha. but kidding aside, may pinag-usapan kami ni Lord. Secret na ‘yon.

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I’m single because there may be guys who show interest, but halfway through, they lose courage to pursue me. I don’t want to deal with those kind of guys. Once I sensed that they aren’t willing to do their best to get me, I won’t stay hanging out with them. So far, I haven’t seen someone brave enough to do that. If they fall short at the beginning, they will fall short all throughout the relationship.

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Why I am single? First of all, kasi hindi pa ako handa para sa susunod kong magiging boyfriend dahil may bakas pa ng nakalipas ang puso ko. Ayaw ko namang magmahal ulit kung gagawin ko lang siyang panakip butas. Secondly, I am single because I’m waiting for the one na itinalaga sa akin ni Lord. Ayaw kong magmadali kasi naniniwala talaga ako sa “Haste makes waste”. Third, hindi pa ako tapos sa manuscript writing at hindi ko pa nakukuha ang pinakaaasam kong Master’s degree, ayaw kong maging kahati ni lovelife si lablife. Fourth, hinihiling ko talaga na maging stable muna ako physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually bago mag-enter sa isang relationship. Fifth, hindi pa talaga ito ang season ko kaya single ako, pinagpapahinga muna siguro ako ni Lord para naman sa susunod na chapter ay ready na ako magmahal ulit. Last, single ako kasi it’s my choice and most of all it’s the Lord’s Will for me to be single at this moment. Yun lang. 🙂

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I am single because there is no other place for me to be at right now; this is my season. God called me to be one — a single woman, at this moment in time, at this side of heaven. There’s a lot to experience and treasure in being single, that if you learn to see and appreciate what God is constantly giving you day by day in your “single” life, you will find no time to complain about it or even get tired of waiting. Furthermore, I am single because I do not want to be in a committed relationship with a man who doesn’t have marriage in his mind in the first place. My relationship with God comes first above everything else, and unless God Himself brings me to the season of courtship and marriage, I will remain to be single.

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It is not yet my season for a greater intimacy and commitment for relationships with a future partner or spouse. I have some things to deal with and through myself individually for the benefit of my other half, and as I pursue the calling of a woman God has designed me to be – I will just know when and how to embrace the next chapter of my life. For the meantime, singleness is an opportunity for a higher purpose of healing, restoration and redemption for the lost femininity the world has came to attacked. But we are free and never been imprisoned because a Man has rescued us, and with Him we will experience romance and pursuit like no other. So never hesitate to appreciate this moment of your lifetime because God knows – it will all be worth everything.

9. From

I am single because God said, “not yet”. At tila wala pang pumapasa sa umangat kong standards dahil sa kakapanood ng Koreanovela. (Medyo nagmamaganda ako e) HAHAHA

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Because I choose to be single than to be in a wrong relationship. Entering a relationship is so easy nowadays. Sure, there are guys that show interest–some are testing the waters; some have the guts to ask–but none (yet) loves God enough to man up. If he can’t follow Christ sincerely, he can’t have my heart.

11. From

I’m simply not interested in a relationship. I don’t need a girlfriend, what I need is an assistant who can help me get my shit together and accomplish my goals in life, haha. I value my time alone, and committing to a relationship means having to invest my time and energy in a person. For what? I’ve never been in a relationship, and I really don’t see how changing that can improve my life significantly.

12. From

I’m afraid but most likely, hindi ko kaya pong pagsabayin ang relationship sa pag-aaral ko. Mas focus po kasi ako sa studies ko lalo ngayon at naghahabol po ako sa honors. Yun lang haha.

13. From

Freedom. I love my freedom to do things as a mean of expressing myself. I could go anywhere anytime, meet new people, hang out with friends, and even dress the way I want. So far, these are the things I missed because of being tied to someone.

Ayan po ang naunang labing tatlong bloggers na sumagot ng aking survey. Pero dahil hindi naman nagpapahuli ang iba pang singles, kaya isasama ko na rin ang sagot nila:

14. From

Hindi ko rin sure. Pero lagi lang akong girl friend. Never the girlfriend. Parang galaxies away yung space between those two words. Also hindi ako magaling mag-manage ng time at ng buhay ko. Kulang pa sa sarili ko yung 24 hours. Kaya siguro.

15. From

I am single because getting into a relationship is and has always been not on my priority list. This could probably the reason why that eight-ball old virtual romance didn’t work out despite keeping it out of public and nurturing it before reality speaks for itself. I wasnt yet meant for someone at this time, thus my energy needs to be diverted into something more productive and to never stop growing. So I simply crossed that out and continue living my life the way how I wanted it to live, giving more attention on how will I attain my goals in a given time without having to worry too much about singlehood. I figured out there’s more in life than be complacent of what the world expects you to do or have at this stage. I refused to settle on something I know I didn’t deserve just because people will be intrigued about your personal life and you are so da*n tired of making so many excuses or stories for cover up. I refused to compare myself into countless of people whose love stories are as epic and as disastrous at the same time. I have my own story to tell someday and I trust God that with His guidance, my man will soon arrive at the time when more than anyone else, I, myself is as emotional, financial and Spirit stable as him.

16. From

Alam mo na ‘to. Haha. I’m single by choice. 🙂

17. From

Kasi hindi ko pa nakikita yung sarili ko na mag-aasawa sa ngayon. Sanay akong mag-isa (hindi po hugot yun), nag eenjoy akong mag-mcdo alone. Haha. Gusto ko pa ng panahon para mag achieve ng something para sa Lord habang mag-isa pa lang ako tapos pag nakilala ‘ko na sya ik-kwento ko sa kanya yung masayang journey ng paghihintay ko sa pagdating nya. 🙂

18. From

Main reason? I was too broken to be fixed and restarted.  Everytime I ask myself, “Am I ready for a new relationship?? Only horror comes to my mind.  I’m scared. Scared that just the same thing will happen. Scared that the next guy isn’t the right one yet. Just too scared to get hurt again.  Sometimes, I feel like I am better this way. I get to do whatever and whenever I want. I get to focus on my personal goals and priorities.  And, maybe I am not totally healed yet. I keep running away from the pain and keep hiding how I truly feel. A lot have already changed including me but bitterness continues to linger deep down inside

Sigurado naman akong kahit isa dyan sa sagot nila ay makaka-relate ka! So sino ang iboboto mo para sa #GinalinganAward? Kindly comment below ang number ng blogger na nagustuhan mo ang sagot. 🙂

PS: Kung wala ka pang kopya ng libreng eBook namin na pinamagatang The Book of Single, download mo na dito.

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5 comments on “13 Reasons Why We Are Single

  1. ShadesOfWanderer
    June 1, 2017

    By just reading their own reasons kung bakit sila single, somehow you can get a glimpse sa type of personality na meron sila based sa mga sinabi nila. Ramdam ko yung karamihan, kaya parang mahirap pumili para sakin ng isa lang. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jayson Santos
    June 1, 2017

    (Last na ‘to! :)) For you # 10, easy relationships are rampant nowadays; many are born out of the crazy digital hook up culture. Lasting relationships take time to build. It requires a good foundation and there’s no better way of building this than to center it on God.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Doctor Eamer
      June 1, 2017

      Welcome Sir! I’ll email them personally re your comments 😉 Mga kilala ko naman sila. Hehe Thank you for the appreciation ng mga sagot nila. 🙂


  3. Jayson Santos
    June 1, 2017

    For you # 18, it sounds like your wounds have not yet healed into scars – the evidence that we lived. I want to agree that a relationship partner is not what you need at this time. Perhaps, you still need more time to be OK just on your own. May you find peace and healing in God’s time.

    Liked by 1 person

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