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My Personal Comments on “LOVE is BLOG”

The author – Joseph A. Pagtananan

Joseph loves words and plays with these like a rubik’s cube. His love for words makes him to well present images of ideas, and stories of love and affection, emerging from his imagination and his life experiences in parts (Introduction-2nd paragraph).  It becomes an important element of his quest to contribute to the making of a better community, and the raison d’etre of his writing endeavour. He gets inspired with his regular writing that oftentimes strike humour, a writing skill developed by a few (Blog 22 – Pitong ‘EX’ na Gusto Kong Pakasalan ).  It wasn’t his scholastic standing, nor his leadership acumen or his network of friends that brought him to writing. It is his love for words – words that give him reason to feel the comfort of his own place, that make him raise the level of quality of what he does, that inspire him to keep going when the going gets rough.

I have observed him, at a closer distance, as a person who loves people and people from all walks of life. He wrote blog articles (contained in “Love is Blog” book) about living in consonance with ourselves (eg. Blog 5), with others (eg. Blog 1 #8 pg 159, Blog 14 pg 241), with the environment (eg. Blog 13 “Trapik sa Lansangan”, “Proseso sa gobyerno”), with our Creator (eg. “Ang forever mo ay si God…” Blog 3 pg 167).  He may not be demonstrative when it comes to expressing emotions, but deep within his soul, there resides a compassionate heart that listens and attentively listens to them who are hurting. Within his soul, there is a flood of emotions he drops in different forms and colours to the main subject on paper. He reflected such act in his book “Love is Blog” on which, like a canvas, he painted the subject, with Pep and Hannah as the main characters. He sprinkled the ‘canvas’ with the blogs he wrote over the time, blogs that reflect his wish for the hurting, for despairing souls. Unlike VanGogh, an impressionist painter whose works show symbolic colours and expressive brushstrokes, Joseph developed a style that uses words we can call ‘common’ because they are uttered and heard every day by everyone in every place.

The book – LOVE is BLOG

love is blog

The Main Story

The book is a compilation of blog articles written by the Author and are arranged in the Table of Contents not by subject matter (except Blog 1, Blog 2 and Blog 3) but in chronological order, eg. Blog 5, Blog 6, Blog 7, and so on. It also contains the main story which is divided into seven parts and named the parts ‘Part 1’, ‘Part 2’, ‘Part 3’ and so on. In between two parts is a series of blogs, for example between ‘Part 6’ and ‘Part 7’, there we find Blog 21, Blog 22, Blog 23, and Blog 24. The ‘Table of Contents’ format appears to be a detour from the norm or the traditional design.  For me, it is an art form depicting contrast of colours or overlapped geometric shapes.  I likened the book to a piece of framed art painting, for the artwork created by and in the book reflects the artist’s character, including his idiosyncrasy.

In this book, the Author used the brushstroke of his imagination to paint in words the main subject composing of images of love, courtship and marriage between two characters (male and female) born in and grew up during the era of technology development.

Although the main story lacked the elements of time and space at the beginning of Part 1, the Author was able to engage on the outset the readers into the drama because of the feelings translated by the words used and arranged to reflect emotions. For example, on page 258, this is what the Author wrote:

“Sa unang linggo ng panliligaw ko sa kanya, pinadalhan ko siya ng pulang rosas. Alam kong pink roses ang paborito niya pero gusto kong ipakita sa kanya na kasing pula ng rosas na ibinibigay ko sa kanya ang aking pagmamahal…May grocery item din akong ibinibigay sa kanya. Wala akong nilalagay na note kaya siguro hindi niya maintindihan kung para saan iyon. Ipapaliwanag ko iyon kapag isang buwan na akong nanliligaw sa kanya.”

The grocery item and the ‘no note’ mentioned aroused excitement and put also the readers in the waiting with eagerness. The red colour of roses that symbolises his love for the girl he was courting takes the readers to wander back in time. These feelings may be personal or unique to the readers who may see themselves as if the story were their story or as though the story were written especially for them as page after page of the book is turned.

The Blogs


I find the blogs written by the Author useful because they contain the state of the art and Bible-inspired principles for righteous living. Let me enumerate seven of these that caught my attention and maybe useful for the young readers:

  1. “You’re afraid to fall in love – the root of that is fear. But perfect love casts out fear, and that perfect love is the love of God. You are His beloved!” (Blog 3 page 169)
  2. “Ayusin mo ang lahat ng aspeto ng buhay mo (physical, social, financial, emotional at spiritual).  Be the right and ideal person for him/her para next time masasabi mo na crush ako ng crush ko.” (Blog 5 page 185)
  3. “Gusto kita kasi may takot ka sa Panginoong Diyos…” (Blog 9 page 209)
  4. “Kung magkaka-boyfriend ka, dapat may vision siya. Vision para sa sarili niya, para sa inyong dalawa, at para sa magiging future ninyo.” (Blog 10 page 211)
  5. “THINK! Huwag lang umibig gamit ang puso. Gamitan mo rin naman ng utak.” (Blog 17 page 263)
  6. “Yes another day para ayusin ang buhay mo. Itama ang mga pagkakamali. Maging aral ang nakaraan at huwag na itong ulitin. Panibagong araw para mangarap.” (Blog 20 page 286)
  7. “…maging single ka man…o nasa isang relationship, nawa’y naisin mo na mamuhay ng kalugud-lugod sa paningin ng ating Diyos.” (Blog 24 page 313)

The book “Love is Blog” is available at the coffeeshop ‘Cafe Piu’ in Tagaytay, and is perfect and useful as a gift to a growing young person who is beginning to look for ‘someone’ he or she may wish to relate with either as a friend or as more than a friend.


Written by: Tita Te


You can also order via online. Just send me an email at Some of the book reviews of my co-bloggers can be read in this link. Guys, if mapunta kayo sa Tagaytay, visit the coffeeshop! Masarap ang kape doon!

PS: This is an awesome review of my book, Tita Te! Himay na himay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my book. God bless sa inyong coffeeshop sa Tagaytay. 🙂


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