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Paano mo masasabing napatawad mo na ang isang taong nakasakit sa iyo? Let’s say si EX.

1. Paano mo masasabing napatawad mo na ang isang taong nakasakit sa iyo? Let’s say si EX.

Kung si Ex, masasabi kong napatawad ko na siya if I can look him in the eye and smile at him without thinking of the past. I’m still struggling with this, but I know God is working in my heart. Kelangan ko pa ng time. :))

2. Kung sakaling after 6 months, magbalik si EX at sabihing ready na siya mag-commit… What will you do specifically?

I’ve been asked this question a gazillion times by a gazillion different people, including my ex’s mom. :))

I will ask him to pray right then and there with me and let him explain how God moved him and spoke to him and worked in his life for the past 6 months para masabi niya na ready na siya. Kasi at this point, it would take a lot para ma-win back niya yung trust ko, and I need to be assured that he’s really serious.

3. Kung ikaw yung lalaki, how should you approach this situation?

Situation meaning the aftermath of the breakup? Knowing na may galit somehow yung girl? It depends. If i really don’t want to be with her anymore, lalayo na rin talaga muna ako, but I won’t jump into a relationship right away. If I still love her but really can’t handle a committed relationship, then I need to work on whatever it is I need to work on–deal with past issues, improve time management, get closer to God, etc.–and seek God for the right time to talk to her again.

But of course, madaling magsalita. That’s just what I hope he’s doing. And either way, siguro it would be up to me as the guy to reach out to the girl ulit someday and try to be friends again, kung may opportunity pa and kung open pa siya. If not, move on, figure out what i really want, and go for a new relationship when I’m ready.

4. If there’s a one word that will describe your ex.. given those things that happened. What is that word?


5. Kung may love song ka ngayon, ano ito?

Anybody’s Heart, Katharine McPhee 🙂

Sorry sa mga nag-abang ng post ko kahapon. Napagod ako masyado sa trip namin sa Subic. Haha! Late na din kasi kami nakauwi dahil sa traffic. Anyway, Babawi ako ng isang article this week. So abangan mo ang regular article ko tuwing Miyerkules at Linggo, plus may isang bonus article ako this week. Haha! Nga pala, don’t worry, I’ll get myself back into writing. Kaya abangan ang panibagong series. So far, magbasa ka na lang muna ng aking mga Chat Interview. Have a great week ahead!


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This entry was posted on August 8, 2016 by in Love & Relationship.
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