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Ano nga ba ang “No Label Relationship”?

1. Define the so-called “No Label Relationship (NLR)”.

NLR means no agreement in words yet actions say it all. For some reason, isa o parehong hindi maamin ang tunay na nararamdaman towards the other person. Pero ‘wag ka, minsan mas possessive pa sila compared sa mga may label.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of NLR? At least three each.

From a woman’s perspective…

i. Since walang label, walang commitment. Advantage in a sense na walang expectations (DAPAT. SANA.); Disadvantage in a sense na hindi maiwasang mag-expect.

ii. Since walang label, you’re single and available. Advantage in a sense na you can still entertain other suitors (DAPAT. SANA.); Disadvantage in a sense na pakiramdam mo nagchi-cheat ka.

iii. You have the best companion. Advantage in a sense na you can act as best friends; Disadvantage in a sense na minsan kinakabahan ka na baka nga best friends lang talaga.

3. What are your reservations right now, if you are into NLR?

Well, I came from a very painful relationship so I’m having this difficulty to commit myself to another person. Part of me wanted to experience again the joy of being in a relationship but another part of me is scared that same thing will happen and I will end up again being left out, betrayed and suffer from the consequences of my wrong decisions. I believe that love (and having a label) isn’t just a feeling but rather an important choice to make, so I prefer to be ready enough and brave enough before taking the risk of loving and feeling loved one more time. When that moment happens, then I won’t settle to NLR.

4. What is your greatest fear in relation to NLR?

That I will fall so hard that I cannot let the other person go – something I am not in the right position to do so.

5. Message to those singles that are into NLR.

Settle your personal issues and don’t be comfortable with NLR. As much as possible, define the relationship. If one party is not yet ready, make certain that both are willing to wait. Pray for the other person. Pray for your own heart. Pray for the two of you that may God be the main connection of whatever you’re into.

Despite of all my reservations and hesitations, I still look forward to getting into the wonderful world of being in a label.

Grabe! Sobrang direct to the point ang mga answer! Walang paligoy-ligoy. Ganyan naman talaga dapat.

Maraming salamat sa isang napakagandang babae na nagpaunlak sa aking Chat Interview. Hindi na siya magpapakilala dahil baka kapag nakilala mo siya ay ma-inlove ka daw sa kanya. Isa siyang babaeng may pusong nasaktan ngunit patuloy na bumabangon. Isang babaeng handang buksan ang pintuan ng kanyang puso upang mapatunayan na may forever.

I pray that you will be labeled soon! Haha! Nawa’y lahat ng malalabo ay mabigyan na ng linaw. God bless to your (hopefully) forever.

Ikaw, may kuwentong NLR ka ba? You can share it to us! Kindly send it to

PS: Dahil medyo madami na ang nakalinyang articles ko para sa Chat Interview, two blog post per week na ang aking gagawin.

Note: Green are my personal comments. Hindi iyon kasama sa interview.



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