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When was the last time you fell in love?

Q1. What does it mean to be a “Happily Single”?

For me it means you genuinely embrace the undeniable fact that you are indeed single. You are enjoying this special season in your life because you get to discover more about yourself as a person and as a man/woman, and more importantly about life.

Q2. When was the last time you fell in love? Share some stories.

(Wow, storieS talaga!) Uhh, the last time I fell in love…was around February 2016. It was kind of unexpected, so I think it was technically “falling” in love. But I did choose to remain in love with this person until this very moment of typing these words down.

It wasn’t an unrequited love, though.

He has been loving me (urgggh) for quite a long time already, at least that’s what he told me (and what I somehow confirmed when I backread into our FB conversations two years ago). I was a very dense person and completely repulsive to suitors/interested young men back then, so I really didn’t get to notice him…and his love, ha.

Anyway, that’s the gist. The story, honestly, is still on hold, so I don’t have anything to tell anymore at this point of time. Hahaha!

Q3. Can you be single and be in love at the same time? Elaborate.

Oh, of course! That is, if we are talking about being in love in general. Like being in love with life, and not exclusively with a person. This is actually what you get to understand when you are  “Happily Single”–to not automatically refer “being in love” to a person. When your life is occupied with life discoveries (and shenanigans), you will learn that love is encompassing…and that “being in love” is overwhelmingly beautiful and empowering.

I personally believe that men/women who have learned to embrace their singlehood love in a differently beautiful and unique way. They already know and experienced the beauty and wonder of “being in love”—with people, places, memories, things, ideas, and anything under the sun all at the same time and for a long time—that to be actually “in love” with a person is altogether jaw-dropping and breathtaking to them.

So yes, single and in love: check.

Q4. What do you think are the reasons why people (particularly women) desire to be in a relationship? Give at least three.

i) We want to feel wanted and cherished.
ii) We naturally seek for intimacy.
iii) We have so much love to give.

Q5. Any message to the man you want to be with for the rest of your life. Maximum of 143 words only.

Gotcha! ❤

Ayaw magpakilala ng aking interviewee kaya hulaan mo na lang kung sino siya. Ikaw, kailan ka nga ba huling umibig? Well, dapat naman na araw-araw ay in-love tayo. Sa ating trabaho. Sa ating mga pinagkakaabalahan. Sa ating pamilya. Sa Diyos. Uncontroversial answer. Haha! Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na maalala kung kailan ako huling umibig.  Nagkagusto, OO. There’s a thick line pa between nagkagusto at umibig. Haha! Ako kasi ang tipo ng lalaki na hindi basta-basta umiibig. When I give my commitment, I give my all. Kaya if I decided to pursue someone, I will do it with the best that I can. I will level up the meaning of commitment. Ikaw, may istoryang pag-ibig ka ba? Feel free to share. I have several blog articles na naumpisahan na. Hindi ko matapos-tapos. For the mean time, puro Chat Interviews muna ang ilalagay ko dito sa blog na ito. Every Wednesday and Sunday ako magpa-publish ng blogs. Cheers!



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