Doctor Eamer


Ang Aking Boy Labo Experience

Question #1: What is your definition of a woman?

A: Woman is a beautiful creation of God, a helper of a man. A woman is designed to help the man, but it depends on how they can partner with one another. It should be a mutual decision. There are partner na prefer nila ang girl na not to work, ang iba naman mas ok na both parties are working so it all boils down kung paano ninyo mapag-uusapan. In my own perspective, it should be a two way thing. 🙂

Question #2: For you, how should a man pursue a woman?

A: First, the man should pray first. He should ask guidance and direction from above. He must ask Godly advises from his spiritual mentor or coach. He must wait for God and when there’s a green light from heaven, the man should lay down his intention to the girl. No gray areas. Hindi dapat “BOY LABO“. He should get to know the girl. He can spend time with her circle of friends and family too. He must be intentional. He must be willing to spend time to any community activities together or with the groups and have an open communication.

May mga kanya-kanya kasing preference din ang babae. Ang iba ay gusto everyday may hatid or sundo. Ang iba naman ay kahit at least once or twice lang na magkita while pursuing stage. So kailangan open ang guy. He should ask the preferences of the girl. Dapat malinaw ang intention. And importante na to get the know the family and ask permission if possible.

Follow up: So, nagkaroon ka na ba ng experience na makakilala ng isang Boy Labo?

Well andaming Boy Labo. Pa-text-text. Pa-date-date. Pero walang laying of the intention thing. Just enjoying the moment lang.

Let’s talk about the most recent Boy Labo experience ko. We dated. We hang out. We watched movie. He calls me. He texts me. He says he like me. Pero hanggang doon lang. So from there alam mo na kung ano lang ang intention niya. Just to hang out and have fun. He wants to spend time with me pero hanggang doon lang. Kaya malabo talaga.

I guess he didn’t see me as someone na he would commit himself or should I say he not ready for a serious thing. Well to be honest that way I see it. He just want to have fun with me and test the waters.

Sa totoo lang, napakaraming Boy Labo sa mundo lalo sa Pilipinas. Ayon sa estimatistics ni Doctor Eamer, tatlo sa sampung mga lalaking Pilipino ay Boy Labo. Tatlo din ay nalubuan kung lalaki sila dahila ng napupusuan na nila ngayon ay kapwa lalaki. Dalawa sa sampu ay babaero. At ang natitirang dalawa ay single. Kaya around 30% ang mga Boy Labo. Sana ay may batas na gawin ang Senado upang mapalinaw ang mga Boy Labo na ito. Madami na silang nabiktimang babae. Iniwan. Luhaan. Wasak na puso. Umasa sa wala. Umasa sa kalabuan.

Para sa lahat ng Boy Labo sa mundo. It’s time to man up! Make your intentions very clear. Huwag paasa! Huwag pa-fall! Huwag fishing!

This is part of my Chat Interview Series. Masyadong madami pang nakapending na article para doon kaya baka mag-publish ako ng twice a week para sa series na ito. I’m enjoying reading their answers to my questions. Kaya kung gusto mong magpainterview, send me an email at

Note: Green are my personal comments. Hindi iyon kasama sa interview.


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